If a person is partially deaf at birth can be cured?

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Being partially deaf at birth can be cured? and the answer is doesn\'t have a cure. There are treatment options - some types of hearing loss can be r..


Is AGC beneficial in hearing aids? - Hearing Solution

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Yes, AGC beneficial in hearing aids because the basic function of a hearing aid is to amplify sound. Whether the goal is to restore loudness or improv..


Enjoy 6 amazing benefits of body màssage in Bangalore

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Are you stressed? Do you feel pain in your back, head, shoulder or neck? If yes, I would love to advise you to go through a màssage therapy. Getting ..


What are the benefits of Digital Noise Reduction in hearing aids?

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Modern hearing aid channels commonly employ digital noise reduction provide improved speech understanding in noise algorithms. The potential benefits..


Doorstep Repair Services in Faridabad

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Doorstep service for home appliance, services, mehandi wala, car cleaner, washing machine, fridge repair, iron services, mechanic , electrician and m..


Unique Vintage Dresses Singapore

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Vintage, classic and timeless 1950s inspired clothes for the modern pinup ladies.


Latest Tech News Today - Trending Gadgets, Mobile News & Reviews

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Latest TechnologyNews, updates on Science Updates, Get Latest News and Reviews about Trending Gadgets like Mobile, Smartphones, Tablet, Camera, Laptop..


Can bone conduction headphones useful to deaf people?

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Sometimes, Bone conduction headphone and other things in the market helpful for deaf people to hear the sound. If you think that the bone conduction h..


Can people who are born deaf speak? - Hearing Sol

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Yes, people who are born deaf speak clearly with help of speech therapy. If a person born deaf then joining speech therapy help to speak with help of ..


How Adaptive Feedback Cancellation in hearing aids works?

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Adaptive Feedback cancellation in hearing aids have acoustic feedback occurs when the sound escapes or leaks from the seal or the vent between the ea..