Forklift Magnetic Sweepers

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The Italian made Bergamini Magnets for forklifts are perfect solution for yard and warehouse cleaning, where operations require cleaning of small stee..


Industrial Forklift Brooms

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As a leader company MachinerySpecialist, in sales of recycling and material handling equipment in Australia, we are proud to supply high quality Itali..


Scrap Alligator Shear

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The Italian made Bergamini Alligator Shears are top of the range & high quality Italian products, built to highest quality & safety standards ..


Mobile Scrap Shear

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Zato scrap shears can fit from smallest excavator up to biggest demolition excavators. Zato offers special built shears & shears for under water a..


Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab

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Our Euromec Multi tines grab, aka Orange peel grabs, are robust for tough working environment of scrap yards. Coming with 360 degree continues rotatio..


Eddy Current Separation

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As Australian & New Zealand distributor of SGM Magnetics, MachinerySpecialist supply & service high quality Eddy Current machines for separati..


Waste Separation Magnets

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Italian made SGM Magnetics are world leader in magnetic separation, including magnetic drums, magnetic pulleys & overband magnets, but also Eddy C..


Android App Development Services

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Android is an increasingly popular operating system and with new, more recent releases they continue to gain popularity. Powered by Google, based on o..


facebook customer service number

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We are completely a third party independent Facebook tech support service provider with high quality deliverable, cost effective and reliable facebook..


iPad App Development Services

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As with IPhone apps, iPad apps have great popularity. Apple’s App Store, the place where all of the best iPad apps can be found, has a reputation fo..